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44 Days – Hammerin’ Hank


Now that we’ve just celebrated Hank Aaron’s 80th birthday, don’t go anywhere. We are going to keep celebrating No. 44. This season will mark the 40th anniversary of the year Hammerin’ Hank quickly tied and passed Babe Ruth’s iconic home run record, on his way to 755 career homers and baseball immortality.

Aaron wasted no time in 1974, tying Ruth in his first at-bat of Opening Day at Riverfront Park in Cincinnati on April 4. It was the only game scheduled that day, as the Reds had the honor of opening first, a day before others. On a 3-and-1 pitch from Reds starter Jack Billingham, with two runners on, Aaron drove a shot over the head of left fielder Pete Rose and toward the bunting in left-center, beyond the wall for No. 714. In the photo above, that’s future Hall of Famer Johnny Bench behind the plate and four-time World Series umpire Ed Vargo, both eyeing the flight of the historic ball. Watch:

Hank Aaron“I’m just glad it’s almost over with,” Aaron quipped when given the microphone to say a few words to the crowd after an on-field presentation. Amid the laughter in the ballpark at that time, few could possibly know exactly how much Aaron meant what he said. He would break Ruth’s record two games later back home in Atlanta, and the world would learn what degree of hate this former Negro Leaguer from Mobile, Ala., had endured behind the scenes on the way to professional sport’s greatest individual record — through piles of mail filled with threats and racial slurs. Aaron rose above it, having a profound impact on new generations that goes on today, and he plays a part in every World Series with his presentation of the Hank Aaron Award for the top offensive performers in each league.

“It’s a great thing to be the man who hit the most home run, but it’s a greater thing to be the man who did the most with the home runs he hit,” Aaron said later in his biography “I Had A Hammer.” “So as long as there’s a chance that maybe I can hammer out a little justice now and then, or a little opportunity here and there, I intend to do as I always have — keep swinging.”

The 2014 Braves open the regular season March 31 at Milwaukee, and their home opener is April 8 against the Mets. Who should be No. 43 in our countdown? Offer your suggestions in the comments below and make plans to see some games. MLB Schedule | Order Tickets

46 Days – Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel became the youngest reliever ever to reach 50 saves in a season last year, and the first of those came in the Braves’ opener at Turner Field. It was a 7-5 victory over the Phillies en route to an eventual National League East title, and it happened when the fireballing right-hander retired Jimmy Rollins (strikeout swinging), Chase Utley (popup to short) and Ryan Howard (fly to left) in order in front of 51,456 fans. Nearly a third of all Braves games would end with Kimbrel being congratulated this way:

A month later, Kimbrel would record his 100th career save . . .

With 139 saves already in the bank at age 25, Kimbrel is well on his way toward great things. How far can he go? Could he challenge Mariano Rivera’s record one day? It happens one year at a time, and Kimbrel and the Braves open the 2014 regular season March 31 at Milwaukee. Then the home opener at Turner Field is April 8 against the Mets.

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47 Days – Tom Glavine

Tom GlavineTom Glavine will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame this summer, and his 305-win career also will be remembered for his share of Opening Day starts and success in that assignment. The left-hander made three of them for the Braves (going 2-1) and then another four for the Mets (3-1), and in his case you never forget your first.

On April 7, 1992, Glavine hurled a two-hit shutout for Atlanta at Houston, a 2-0 victory. He allowed a single to Steve Finley in the first, a single to Pete Incaviglia in the second, and no hits after that. How good was Glavine that day? He singled off Pete Harnisch in the top of the eighth and scored the only run that mattered, on Terry Pendleton’s sac fly. Ron Gant followed with an RBI double to finish the scoring, and Glavine would strike out four of the last six Astros and finish off the opener by inducing Jeff Bagwell to fly to center.

Glavine was coming off a Cy Young season, in the middle of a three-year run of 20-win seasons, and it was the dawn of a National League dynasty in Atlanta. The Braves were coming off their World Series loss to Minnesota in seven and bound for another World Series against Toronto that fall.

The defending National League East champions open the 2014 regular season March 31 at Milwaukee, and then the home opener at Turner Field is April 8 against the Mets. Who should be No. 46 in our countdown? MLB Schedule | Order Tickets